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BioAqua 123 Steps Blackhead Acne Blemish Remover Set

  • BIOAQUA 3 in 1 Blackheads Whiteheads Removal Peel-off Treatment Mask

    Specially for big pores and blackheads appeared problem, it contains a variety of plant extracts and hamamelis virginniana extracts to soften and remove blackheads effectively. It helps to balance oil secretion, prevent pore expansion and inflammatory. It is recommended to apply 1-2 times weekly, according to the individual situation. Content: 35ml + 60g + 35ml Shelf life: 3 years STEP 1: Product Name: Blackheads Export Essence Content : 35ml Shelf Life: 3 Years Product Functions: Clean grease/ dirt and moderately expands pores and help to export blackheads from pores. Usage: After face cleansing, use a hot towel placed on nose for 2 minutes. Then take a cotton pad soaks with Blackheads Export Essence (dripping/ wet state) and stick closely on nose. After 8-10 minutes, remove the cotton then move to STEP 2.The residence time of the essence according to the individual situation. Thinner or dryer skin can be shorter while thicker or oily skin oil may be extended. STEP 2: Product Name: Blackheads Removal Mask Content: 60g Shelf Life: 3 Years Product Functions: Melt grease and effectively absorb stubborn blackheads and dirt from pores, so that the pores become clean and transparent. Usage: After STEP 1, no cleansing needed and take appropriate amount of Blackheads Removal Mask apply on nose. After 10-20 minutes, when it is fully dried (skin feels tight and the mask is not sticky when touching), peel off the mask gently from left to right. STEP 3: Product Name: Pores Refining Essence Content: 35ml Shelf Life: 3 years Product Functions: Tighten pores and help to reduce excess oil on skin. It helps to improve rough skin texture. Usage: After face cleansing, apply the Pores Refining Essence on the blackheads area, massage gently to have better absorption.